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8 days, and the reality of 5g

Eight days and counting.

As we head down the path of 5g networks, there are several exciting things to consider. The first is, what do you need all that bandwidth for? I know that I consume a lot of bandwidth at home. It is part of what I do every day. Not as many people find the need to stream information. But in the world of tomorrow, many more will be doing the streaming reality if you consider one aspect of streaming, YouTube. What began a little over ten years ago and then was purchased by Google is now a vast entity. YouTube, on average, gets 600 new videos every minute of every day. If you think about videos on YouTube, that means in an hour, they have 3600 new videos. Now a percentage of those are pulled because they shouldner’ be on youtube (copyright or content issues). But it is a lot of videos.

Netflix continues to buy old TV series so that people can binge-watch shows they low. I remembered years ago, we never really got to binge-watch. Binge-watching is something that many more people do now. Netflix and Hulu drive a lot of binge-watching. The exciting reality is that things continue to evolve. I thought I would share three areas where 5g will change how people correctly operate in the world.

  1. Remote medical procedures, small real-time medicine allows a doctor in New Jersey to perform surgery in Montana. It means in really tricky cases where sometimes patients die; now the Dr. That knows how to fix that issue can perform the surgery!
    1. Using connected robotic surgery equipment, the doctor can remotely do the surgery.
    2. Real-time live to watch the process and help the on hand doctors troubleshoot any issues
  2. Real-time data for cars. Not driverless cars today, but providing vehicles with real-time traffic, weather, and other road conditions.
  3. Over time the ability to reduce the existing digital divide.

The world is going to change rapidly with 5g!

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