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6.4 magnitude earthquake in California

United states : 20 years after California has suffered severe earthquakes due to which roads, buildings are badly affected and many people were injured.

According to the American Geological Survey, the earthquake severity recorded a record 6.6 percent on the reactor scale, whose axis was a city Ridgecrest from the north-eastern state of Los Angeles 240km away.

After the earthquake, at least 159 aftershocks were felt and recorded magnitude with 2.5, while mayor of Ridgecrest has imposed emergency in the entire city.

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  1. You may know we have had serious earthquakes which killed a lot of people in Christchurch 2011 or 2012…About Feb, Im not sure the exact time but close to it
    We had a friend of ours that was there as it happened, Sherrie. She and an Indian girl fell to the ground and were saved from rocks by being shielded by an art board she brought that day.

  2. I heard about this earthquake on the news – how frightening! I hope California don’t get any more. No, we don’t get earthquakes here in England. There have been reports on the past though of tremors where people have felt buildings move etc.

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