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5 Random Facts About Andre Hartslief Aka Tranquilpen

I read a fascinating article recently by Carol DM. She took up a new challenge from Fortune, which is naming five random facts about oneself. Here, in case you missed it, is CAROL DM’s post

Being a rather mediocre writer, I doubt many know much about me. Not being any especially “gifted” writer on Virily, I do get by with a little help from my few loyal friends. The challenge did state “a few random things” so here goes…

1. Played the drums in our high school marching band.

2. Seafood, i.e. Lobster, Clams and Crab is my guilty pleasure.

3. My naughty vice was that by age 10, I had procured and read every James Bond novel, Ian Flemming had written.

4. I had the starring role of the Chinese antagonist Colonel, Ling Fu, in a local, “Rambo” type movie called, (attacking Kariba.)

5. I am the only South-African, to my knowledge have ever been ordered during training to retrieve a “live” hand grenade and re-attach the safety pin. The order was illegal but morally correct.

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