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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 297 Raven says it isn't her.

Raven has informed me that my assertion that it was her digging up my “drainpipe” was biased and well not real. She said, “you never caught me doing it.” While there is a preponderance of the evidence, that is fair. Except that I have caught her moving the black hose that used to be above the ground. I have also caught her wildly digging for chipmunks in other parts of the yard. I don’t think she likes the new system at all. But then who knows the minds of Labs.

This picture was taken this am. I got up early as I usually do to blog and get ready for my day. Every once in a blue moon Raven will come downstairs with me. Not every day, not even once a week. Just every once in a while she comes downstairs to complain about the progress towards Lab breakfast.

Anyone can join the photo challenge – point shoot and share!


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Well hello Raven. Now tell the truth to aunt HistoryGal. Did you destroy the drain pipe or were you trying to get something out of it? Now you tell me now. Sorry Doc I just love talking to animals whether they be dogs like your beautiful Raven or cats like my Runt or the hares that run in our backyard along with the squirrels or even the occasional duck who once knocked on our backdoor. Raven is sure a beautiful black lab.


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