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31 Days of Quarantine.

April 15, 2020. 31 days ago, our Provincial Governor and City Mayor imposed the quarantine protocols to combat the spread of Covid-19. In the first week, the quarantine protocol was quite lax. But vehicles coming from the neighboring provinces were checked.  While on the national level, all flights within the county were canceled starting on the 18th.

There was a temporary panic-buying binge in the first day or two. People feared that grocery supplies might run-out in the coming weeks. But the government made sure that the transportation of the basic commodities remains unhampered. Although there was some confusion at first and some border check-points block the delivery trucks. But I believe that was already remedied.

In the last 31 days, we stayed at home most of the time. I leave home only about two or three times a day to buy some groceries and foods. The streets of the city are almost empty most of the time.

We had only 5 Covid-19 positives. One has already recovered, but one, a senior citizen,  has succumbed. Almost all of the other PUI’s were cleared as their test results came up negative.

The quarantine is supposed to be lifted today, but it was extended up to the end of the month when the test result of a PUI came up positive about a week ago.

Hopefully, there will no one will turn up positive in the coming days. Then, the quarantine protocol, at least in our city, will be lifted by the end of the month.


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  1. We have had restrictions here and lockdowns. I know there will those that break the rules no matter what and those that will follow. I hope the ones that follow them will be enough so no more will get the virus and things will gradually go back to the way they were before and life will be alive again.

  2. It is nice to see countries coming out of it, glad you are on the path back to normal. Let’s all hope for those negative test results!! We have had almost 29 thousand die in the US, and 53 in my county. We are still in the fight! Social distancing is working!

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