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30 Day Knitting Challenge

I just found this 30 Day Commit to Knit Challenge from KnitOm, and think it might be a good time to encourage my eldest son to practice knitting. I have taught him how to knit, but he hasn’t really practice knitting and knit a product yet. I am also going to teach my daughter who is already 7 years old to knit since she has been asking me for quite some time.

We are going to start the challenge on 1 October, and we plan to knit a veggie garden. I think it’s good to just knit two rows everyday, and we might be able to finish the playscape in 30 days.

I haven’t been knitting for quite some time since I learned how to crochet, so I guess it’s also good for me to practice knitting again.


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    • Yes, I think I remember reading that too. We all have same and different interests. 🙂
      I hope I will be able to make this, especially with my kids. I always started the challenges, but didn’t finish them well. 😀

    • It’s good that your grandmother taught you so, even though you might not enjoy knitting. I am not sure if my grandmother knew how to knit, my mother doesn’t. I am glad there is Internet and there are many tutorials online, hence I am able to learn how to knit from those great video tutorials. I wish to teach my kids how to knit, hence I started learning. 😛

      • There is honor in your quest! I think as a fellow parent, anytime we can help our children see more it is a good thing.

        My mother makes quilts. She made quilts for the high school graduation of each of her grandchildren. All of those quilts had two squares that the kids had made. Once when they were little and once as teenagers!

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