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Looking at your cat, I can tell what you are thinking, as you look at their big cute eyes look how adorable and fluffy they are fluffy and adorable they are, well you can just snap out of it because these bundles of cuteness are actually fully controlling your mind. It has been the case since we first welcomed cats into our homes about twelve thousand years ago, so then,  surely if we’ve been hanging out with cats for that long we ought to know if they were controlling us or not, right? Perhaps not so far fetched…

watch the video and you might just learn something you did not expect


  • Do you believe cats can control your mind?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


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  1. My cat Runt does not control me at all. Oh yes I will feed him and pet him and talk to him but I have never done his bidding like my ex and ex in laws… Runt is a very demanding cat but I still often say NO to him when I think he is exaggerating… Sorry Runty Dumpty but mommy is too old to do everything you want…

    • Hello HistoryGal, I can see what you would like us all to believe about not being controlled by your cat especially this part proves it, clearly:”Sorry Runty Dumpty but mommy is too old to do everything you want.” So, when mommy was a bit younger, things were WAY DIFFERENT. Pun! Thanks for reading and commenting. Regards-Andre’

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