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2020 NFL Pro Bowl Skills Competition

The NFL Pro Bowl Skills Competition will take place on Thursday at the ESPN Wide World of Sports facility in Orlando, FL.  Players from the NFC and the AFC will compete in five different contests.  Whichever conference wins the most contests wins the competition.  Here are the five contests.

1. Thread the Needle.  This contest has been added this year.  The defensive back will attempt to thwart the quarterback from hitting targets with passes.

2. Gridiron Gauntlet.  The obstacle course is back.

3. Best Hands.  In this relay race, wide receivers have to make different kinds of catches at various targets around the field.

4. Precision Passing.  Throwers will have to hit as many moving targets as possible in one minute.

5. Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball.  The competition saved the best contest for last with dodgeball.  I will be watching to see who will be hit in the face.

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    Who will win?

    • NFC
    • AFC
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