Winter Colors: Cool, Icy and Dark (2/8)

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Winter people prefer to wear crispy, cool, and clean-toned colors, such as pure white, taupe, pure gray—light to charcoal, black, navy, pure blue, royal blue, and very light blue, hot bright turquoise and light aqua, pure green—light to emerald and pine green, shocking pink, hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, very light pink, pure red and other reds with blue undertones, bright and cool burgundy—wine, lemon yellow, very light yellow, royal purple, and very light violet. I am a winter because I feel I look good in all these colors, although I sometimes wear warm-toned colors, but I make sure the cool-toned clothing is near my skin, while the warm-toned color is just a contrast or accent, worn layered. But I love all colors, and I always make it work for me, even if I want to use Summer, Spring, and Autumn colors by using these colors as an accent or secondary color in my outfit, whether as contrast or complementary.

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