Trafalgar Law is currently earning 32,771 viril points and counting, that earned him a Supernova rank with 3 badges (Wordsmith Buddy, Loyal Buddy and Smarty Pants). He has 139 total posts at the moment and 371 followers. He was previously at 4th spot.

His posts are mostly on TV and movie reviews, quizzes (especially Game of Thrones), animes, trivias and fun facts, and embedded Youtube video articles.

10 Must Watch Movies For The Last Half of 2017 was his first post published last May 30, 2017. The posted article was about 10 movies to be publicly seen on the last 6 months of year 2017 on cinemas. This post earned him 16 up-votes, 6 comments, and 225 views. (Honestly, it’s me guys haha)

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