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In flavor, octopus reminds me very much of squid or calamari. Preparation is more of a pain, though. The tentacles are usually sliced into medallions, skinned, then pounded with a meat tenderizer, before being cooked. If the meat isn’t pounded well, it ends up very tough. 

Many people have eaten octopus without knowing it, particularly in the US. For quite some time, a lot of the dishes sold as abalone weren’t abalone, they were octopus.

The question is, have you purposely eaten octopus? Would you eat it if you had the chance?

Written by Rex Trulove


    • That is quite possible. I sort of wonder if it would work to run it through the sort of tenderizer that butcher shops have? (The kind they use to make cubed steak out of regular steak.)

    • It might not have been properly prepared. Even properly prepared, it tends to be chewy, but if it is done right, it isn’t tough. I like baby squid. I like octopus, too, but octopus is a lot of work to prepare correctly.