NIK (4/10)

Nik is currently earning 30,227 viril points and counting, that earned him a Supernova rank with 4 badges (Wordsmith Buddy, Bookworm, Loyal Buddy and Smarty Pants). He has 72 total posts at the moment and 259 followers. Though he has few posts, yet they’re all catchy to viewers earning him boosting view points and shares in most of his interesting posts. He was previously at 3rd spot.

His posts are mainly about the dog Cane Corso and the guinea pigs. 

5 Cool Facts About Pit Bulls was his first post with a child kissing a pit bull on its featured image. It was published 2 months ago, earning him 6 up-votes, 3 comments, 314 shares and a whooping 1.4k views.

Written by Trafalgar Law

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