My Signature Style? Hmmm….

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My signature style: My signature style has changed throughout the years, due to the age, era, and my preferred lifestyle.

My signature style includes monochromatic outfits, regardless of what color, a cute hat, red lipstick, and sunglasses. But I like to have fun with the accessories to make this outfit creative by adding a cute purse, shoes, belt, and some jewelry or classic watch. My signature hairstyle seems to be either a bob or a pixie.

During the 80s, I dressed casual in sporty shorts, surfer t-shirt, white pull-on Vans, and I had a short pixie hair because I was mostly skateboarding and riding my bicycle in high school, as well as occasionally body surfing at the beach during my teen years. I was also into denim pants, white blouse or tank top, red blouse, and red shoes. I think at that age, I also got into a red accent look because I had a red mini tie. By college, it was still the 80s, but I got into that Madonna street grunge look with permed medium-long hair and neon accents. During the 90s, I got into business casual outfits because I was networking a lot after college. I often shopped at the St John annual campout sales, as well as other sales events, such as Charlotte Russe, Limited Express, Nordstrom shoes, Nordstrom Rack, Brass Plum, and Mango. And, during 2000s, I got into Karl Lagerfeld, Saks 5th Off, Bloomingdales Outlet, and Nordstrom Rack, along with my old St John Knits clothes and accessories.

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