Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned…… (1/6)

You know, they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

So vengeful and mother earth has been done wrong

And I think she’s sick

Yo, she’s pukin up lava

Her nerves tremble along fault lines ready to drop an entire city of filth

that’s been forced upon her

We built these towers of Babel and feel remorse for nada

The momma divorce the father

The children are droppin blotter

The rich get richer, poverty’s hot under the collar

Takin prayer outta schools and we’re tryin to raise scholars

Creationism vs. the theory of evolution

Air, water, land, mind, body and soul pollution

Kids steppin on land mines from wars we’re all losin

We’re chasin false idols, erasing from our bibles the golden rule

the youth are becoming more suicidal

Who teaches them, you and I do

No wonder they want to fight you

Raised by hypocrites, you feel lied to.


Written by Kim_Johnson

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