Doctor Exposed Bill Gates Depopulation Agenda (1/2)

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A doctor speaks out against Bill Gates, toxic vaccines and Gates’ satanic depopulation agenda. All the vaccines have never been tested properly. He lists all kinds of crap in these vaccines to make people sick. Vaccines are linked to autism, HIV, and cancer.

Yeah, the Zionists are pushing their agenda because they are losing ground. More and more people are waking up and fighting back their bullshit.

Mercury and aluminum are also in vaccines, which will like make you into a retard.(most people on Virily are already there, LOL, so it shouldn’t matter to them anyway).

There is pig urine, human dna from aborted baby cells, and other weird stuff in the vaccine?

Moreover, according to other videos, it might also have Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Madonna’s blood…

Yeah, everyone is divided, between the fearful idiots who believe the bullshit and the truthers trying to expose the truth.

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