August 8 (6/6)

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This morning’s picture shows more of the smoke, partly obscuring some of the mountains and giving a reddish hue to the horizon. The temperature isn’t much different than in the last picture, but the humidity is lower, at 38%. 

This picture was taken a little after 7 am, so the sun is still rising and hasn’t yet fully cleared the mountains to the east. Much of the image is still in shadow because of this. The forecast for the day is for high temperatures in the mid-90s, so the humidity will probably drop to around 18%. As the day progresses, the smoke will most likely also move into the valley and over Lake McDonald.

Though I’m not including the picture, I just looked at what it looks like now and the smoke has already begun to move in. The temperature is already at 68, too, so temperatures of 96 or 97 are not only possible today, they are likely.

It is thankful that there aren’t many fires this year. In 2017, there were so many fires and the smoke was so dense that it was even difficult to see the trees in the foreground.


Written by Rex Trulove

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