Alligator (7/9)

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Since alligators are primarily a creature of North, Central, and South America, I’m including crocodiles in this. 

Alligators are hunted in many areas and they are eaten. Most of the meat comes from the long, stout tail. Occasionally, this meat is sold for consumption. In areas where there are no alligators, the price of the meat can be tremendous, though. Alligators are creatures of the bayous of the Southeast US and the only time I was able to try this meat was when I was in Oregon, which is far too cold for alligators to survive. The meat was sold for $37 per pound.

Have you ever eaten alligator meat? Would you try it if you had the chance?

Written by Rex Trulove


  1. Every year in Chicago there’s a big food festival called the Taste of Chicago. I’ve only gone once because you end up spending a fortune. A restaurant that has it on the menu was serving it.

    I’ve also had it in sausage. There’s a hotdog & sausage diner near my house that has it (depending on which day you go).