Capturing Parents with Baby (7/8)

  • Parent shots take more time to perfect, however clients love these shots!
  • Start with posing mom and baby together, with mom sitting down on a high step stool. Ask mom to cross her arms in front of her, with her hands up at each shoulder. Place swaddled baby in her arms, her hands cupping baby’s head and feet. Go through a series of poses and expressions with mom: looking at camera, cheek to cheek with baby, looking down at baby, kissing baby and snuggling baby with her nose.
  • Next, bring in dad and have him sit right next to mom. He should place one arm around mom’s waist and one under her arm for support. Again, go through a variety of poses of both mom and dad together: both looking at camera, both looking down at baby, both kissing baby, and last, dad kissing mom on the temple while mom closes her eyes peacefully.
  • Last, remove mom and give swaddled baby to dad. Have dad cradle baby in his arms and proceed to go through the same series of poses and expressions as you did with mom.
  • Image above shows examples of posing for parent shots.