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Slingshots handed over to Indian police to protect Trump from monkeys

Indian monkeys eagerly awaits US President Donald Trump. US President Donald Trump's visit to India begins tomorrow, with monkeys eagerly awaiting. Have also completed...

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Smartphones that refusing to take obscene pictures

Japanes company's masterpiece, a fascinating smart phone that refuses to take immoral and nude pictures. Japanese company Tone has introduced the E20 smart phone...

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Is it possible to read emotion from the face?

Do you look at people's faces and try to understand their emotions? If so, stop doing it because it's nothing but stupidity.Ohio State University...

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The handicapped artist made disability a power.

Handicapped Rubba Mohammadi progressed her skills in a country like Afghanistan, where women's and disabled people's rights are not taken care of.Rubba Mohammadi, an...

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Scientist who invented the cut, copy paste is no more in this world.

In the era of modern computing, Larry Tesler, a leading computer scientist facilitating cut-and-paste copy commands has passed away. Larry Tesler left the world...

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