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Spectator Index declares India 5th most dangerous country of the world.

The International organization Spectator Index declares  India declares 5th most dangerous country of the world. According to the report, the Spectator Index released the...

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Painful Life story of first Computer Programmer

Ada Lovelace  is called the world's first computer programmer. The major accomplishment of Ada Lovelace is, that she wrote the first algorithm for analytics...

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Can you find the cat in the kitchen?

This is not ghost but is visible to the human eye. Since it sits in a place that cannot be imagined in human minds,...

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Green Pup " The Hulk"

In the US state of North Carolina, a green dog was born which is declared as "The Hulk"  According to the owner, their dog...

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Cactus : The sacred plant that helps to connect with God.

There are numerous varieties of plants around the world that are beautiful and pleasant, and some strange and some even ugly. However, all of...

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