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Beautiful Lantana? Found beautiful Lantana on our visit to the Curi Cancha Wildlife Refuge! The butterflies especially loved this flower and the berries that came with...

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Sparkling Sea✨? Not sure I have seen a sea quite as sparkling! This was taken at the Manuel Antonio National Park on a roundabout hike, and...

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Vegan pizza for breakfast? Why not! Pizza is always an acceptable option for breakfast right? Especially vegan pizza! It was the perfect way to fuel as I adjust to this...

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Costarica Adventure???? There were many times where I felt like I was living the adventure this summer! Suspension bridges on our hikes were definitely the source...

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Sprinkles and sea salt were the magical combination for my homemade chocolate on yesterday’s chocolate tour! ✨ Who doesn't love sprinkles and chocolate? This chocolate tour was absolutely amazing, and I found out that I actually like 100% cacao! Such an...

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