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Yes, sorry about that. I didn't think it would "ouch" you like that I didn't laugh when I wrote it, but I am laughing now at your response.

What did the dog say to the chair? "Why are you so ruff?" The chair replied, "because you have teeth so large, I need to be so tough."

"The sun shines on saints and sinners alike, as does God." God is still the number one gray area that needs to be elevated from our basement of adulthood to our childlikeness of our child.

I have checked this out for my house here in Australia, but the initial setup costs are still very high, and here, there are many cowboy operators who fleece you of your money, and leave you with a white elephant of a system, a liability, rather than an asset. You...

In one hundred years time, maybe earlier, there might not be any animal wildlife, or very little trees left left, either. "Only when the last tree has been cut down, only when the last river has been poisoned, only when the last fish has been caught, only then will...

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