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Did you ever miss a city or country where you went for work purpose?

I am leaving Canberra next month. That’s right! I am leaving Canberra forever just when I started to love the place.  I am an...

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Five Random Facts about suny

I have not much information about myself on the internet unless of course you are one of my connections on LinkedIn. However I would like...

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Have you ever watched a game of cricket or know how to play it?

Last month I watched 3 matches of International  T20 cricket  in Canberra and 3 in Melbourne. All sponsored by CommBank. The three teams were...

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Older are wiser and full of hopes- what say?

Oh yes, although I am not going to tell you my age in this post but what I can tell you now is that...

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Words are important- How do you select the right words?

Words… we use them all the time, every day, for speaking or writing! We have to use words for expressing our thoughts, communication or...

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