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You don’t miss your rented house- Do you?

I have just changed my rented house in Canberra because my landlord is planning to sell it. I have rented many houses in the...

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Themes by the Month- This one is for @Carol DM

While browsing through the list of Virily posts today I saw this post by Carol DM which reminded me of an image I took...

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The greenery coming back in Canberra

I have been traveling a lot more now compared to what I did in last few weeks and experiencing lot more greenery.  I am taking...

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Do you know the name of this plant?

If you think it's a photo of a jungle from a distance that's not the case. If you think that I have kept many...

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Which one is better?

I was taking photos of different sections of Floriade Feast while my wife was enjoying different rides. I think enjoyed all of the but...

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