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We surely make mistakes, nobody's perfect, and frankly, if people were perfect, life would be a lot less interesting!

Well, everything is relative in this world, so the concept of "mistake" is certainly debatable. Whenever we try to do something good, but the outcome of our actions is not the one we had anticipated we tend to blame ourselves and consider that things went wrong because of the...

Thanks for the suggestion, any new Spanish language resource can be useful for me. I decided to start learning Spanish because it is relatively close to my native language, Romanian, and doing Spanish lessons has turned into a fascinating activity for me. I have bookmarked your blog and I...

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Bayer has to sell off assets View Comment
  • @Sebastian Onciu
  • September 1, 2020

I'm afraid Bayer Leverkusen will not become a European soccer powerhouse, very soon but they will remain a respectable team, capable of qualifying for European competitions every year. Getting past the Champions League group stage or even winning the Europa League are achievements within their reach, but I...

Bon Scott was a charismatic singer who could have had a long and fabulous career with AC/DC . I believe that he may have died of a heroin overdose, but regardless of what the real cause of his death was, it's such a shame that he wasted his incredible...

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