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Agave Blue

Same majestic Agave plant, different hue. To me, it looks as if it is submerged in the deep sea. It gives me a sense...

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The Dragonfly, The Web and The Orb

Taken in the “Lost Pines” area of Tejas. To say the least, this is an area of Tejas that have Pine trees that somehow...

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“Blended” Wrap

This is from my collection of clothing from Vida. "Blended" is the name of a photo I took of the sun and rays which...

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Kitty Blanche

This sitting blissful kitty is painted with pearl metallic paints. She has a little face mole as well dotted in purple if you look...

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This lovely butterfly let me get close for this photo. It actually opened its wings for me as I got closer. I know it...

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Agave Blue

The Dragonfly, The Web and The Orb

“Blended” Wrap

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