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How Do You Apply to Oxbridge?

Applying to Oxford and Cambridge in the UK for undergraduate study is a daunting thing, but a lot of it's common sense and doing...

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We all have demons. I don't mean in the exciting-if-terrifying 'Exorcist' way, although if some of us do that's interesting too. I mean those...

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The Interloper

You've probably worked out by now that my background is Egyptology. In that case, you're probably thinking that work experience is a bit limited...

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From School or Not From School?

(Author's own photograph, the White Chapel of Senwosret III at Karnak Temple, Luxor) Until my father pointed it out the other day, I had never...

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5 Oxbridge Myths

As you may imagine, there are more than five myths about the UK's Oxford and Cambridge Universities. However, for the sake of sanity I'm...

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How Do You Apply to Oxbridge?


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