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This lone white rose, the light it reflected, and the way the shadows were thrown into sharp contrast around it offered me an insight...

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MoonSpells – The Keeper

Weaving magic through the trees, Black eyes peering through the dark, She commands the Glowing Spark, Yes, the one that'll never cease. Moonbeams tangled in her hair, The Gypsy...

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This Path of ours. It opens up in all directions, and as the veil lifts, reality is polarised. The nature of Duality is magnified. No...

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MoonSpells – Remembrance

Ghosting through the ruins of my childhood, A place where innocence once stood, Stumbling over colour in the gloom, Where beauty once did bloom, Remembrance.

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Time travelling visit to my teenage self

You know the question...if you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self? Having had a couple of life-turning events in...

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MoonSpells – The Keeper


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