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So post a few of the best pictures here!

Yeah, the government controls everything nowadays. But I was thinking of raising Angora rabbits, and then selling the fur. Maybe you could do that in your backyard.

Put more dialog, even if the woman is thinking, "I will have the waffles today." Show us the action not tell

Yes going out to a restaurant is very challenging nowadays. But if we want the economy to recover and you have the money to go out. Do so.

I went there in 1990, great to know that people can still visit there.

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Rachael Alice Orbach

Teacher, Musician, Blogger

I was born in Upstate New York, then moved with my family to Los Angeles.  Grew up there but always had my eyes on the Holy City of Jerusalem, so now I live in Jerusalem, Israel.  I am an English teacher,  on-line.  I also teach music, and have a YouTube Channel for teaching and music. Look me up on iTunes for my original music.

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