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We Need To Wake Up

  I recently visited relatives in another state. This was days after the midterm elections were over and done with, but many campaign signs still...

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15 Financial Lessons I Have (tried to) Given my Children

Over the last year my kids started their college years. The "first" step into adulthood.  We as parents can only try to prepare them...

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Sanford Color Crazy Sky

Was in North Carolina visiting my brother.  As we were heading out, this #colorcrazy sky is what we saw. I hope you will like...

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My Financial Wake Up Call….It Is Never Too Late

Quite often we go out in search of the solution to a problem, but instead we find answers to questions we did not know...

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What You Can Learn From The Financial Independence Movement

Financial independence is a term often used without consistent meaning. Is it complete freedom from debt, or when you no longer have to work...

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