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Yes Carol deserves a big thanks. I also thank you for visiting and commenting and up voting...

Never saw a deer... You are missing something special. They are such beautiful creatures. I only see them in the fall though when they brave the city life to come and feed on the Apple tree. Thanks for your visit and comment and up vote.

Only French and English (Canadian variant). I often interpreted when I was a registered nurse and still do to this day. I also do some translation work mostly in the health field even though I am not a certified translator.

Wow impressive resume. I only worked in gynecology/surgery, dialysis and ICU. But after 21 years I called it quits. Thanks for your reply and your visit...

Well I do not know if the syllabus has been changed yet but if not it definitely should. I agree with your statement 100 per cent. Thanks again for your visit and comment and up vote.

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