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Whose Lightsaber Is It?

Hello there, loves. May the force be with you while doing this quiz 🙂 Don't forget to share your scores in the comment section! All the love, Hermione...

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Can You Match These Famous Quotes to Their Authors?

Let's play with some words of wisdom by some of the greatest minds that have ever lived. Hopefully we will all learn something new...

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Here’s to Depressed Ones: Part IV (Advice Number Three)

The confessions of a depression survivor continue! Now, we've started this with my very own reasons for writing stories like this, then we had...

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The Cat’s Day

Meet Mrvica, the word you would probably never be able to pronounce, and welcome to her daily routine. The titles of the photos are...

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Music: On, World: Off (Happy Motivational Pump up Tunes)

It's not a secret I've been and still kind of am suffering from depression. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen I present to you my "Happy...

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