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Novelist/Graphic Designer/Photographer living in SoCali with my cat, Gumby D'Arcy.

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Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, but raised in USA, from Maryland, DC, VA & WV to SoCali. I have been around, living in various very different environment, although I don’t remember Scotland because I was a baby.

I am a Vegan/Vegetarian, who enjoys an active life, which is why I eventually joined the site in 2015 for my extracurricular activities besides internet life in order to balance out my life between different worlds–internet world and real life.

I have always liked animals and stuffed animals since I was a kid, which led me to a vegetarian life as well as an activitist life. I never cared for meat as a kid, anyway. But since I was a kid, I have always liked eating nuts and berries.

During college, my major was undecided for a long time, but I noticed that I gravitated toward the Social Sciences classes, such as Geography, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, Psychology, and Mass Communications. I just thought these classes were fun to read. I am a social observer in life, in which helped me learn many things on my own in order for me an active doer and  perform do-it-myself projects, which includes 2 self-published novels, so far.


Born in Scotland, raised in the USA


Lives in California with cat

Animal rights activist

Photographer, graphic designer, novelist, artist, and activist

self-published my first novel on in September 2006

self-published my second novel, a graphic novel, in May 2019, on


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