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With this technique the books that are used to present the material are often written by an individual with great knowledge as well as firsthand experience of the topic. These types of writings are proven to keep the readers more interested, and offer them a firsthand learning experience. Mason’s goal was to encourage students to not only explore their minds, but also nature and the world around them. This method of teaching is great for parents who want to give their children an opportunity to explore arts, music, and literature as well as display their creative sides.

What is the Computer-Based Method?

Due to the increase in modern technology, homeschooling has taken on a whole new level of accessibility. The Computer-Based method takes the new write a paper for me resources, such as computers and DVD players, and provides students with new tools to be used to gain an education. Several companies provide DVDs and CDs to enhance homeschooled childrens’ learning experiences. Classes are also available for students to take online, which offers students another teacher besides his or her parent to learn from. This style is beneficial to parents that want to allow their students to learn at their own pace, as well as those who may not have all the time required to assure they give their son or daughter the proper education they need.

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