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I don't really set goals for viewing. I just know that when I publish posts there are certain members who are going to view or comment. My adoring fans are very consistent. LOL. Nevertheless, I share on my social networks. Tweeting is easiest. I sometimes...

Baby and dear. Terms of endearment that can drive you up the wall if they are overused.

My daughter has a friend who is legally blind and she wants a driverless car so that she can be more independent. I totally get that. But somehow the thought of her being in a driverless car and not being able to see that well and my...

Actually I wrote a post about using the feature when I first started using it.

I share whenever, wherever. I don't have a fave post that I want others to read. But if asked. I would tell others to go to my profile, click on my collections and pick a topic they like. Since I wrote on so many varied topics...

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