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  Collide a Scope   White Resting snow unique in its molecular design. Until it melts and conforms, unsalted sky brine. Red A Passion, a hate, the sign you should yield Oxenagated blood Within...

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<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a> Ideas Ideas in my head They bobble around Mixed with pictures Sights and sounds I hear a phrase I hear a word I let them fly My idea bird A...

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May the Force be with You

May the Force be With You   In a galaxy far far away It's always star wars day Space fighting death stars Drunk aliens in bars Villians and Heroes Losers and Zeros The dark and the Light Sith and Jedi knight R2...

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The Twilight Zone

Rod Stirling The Twilight Zone In black and white Just as dark with a creepy fright They have a twist and turny end Sci-Fi horror what a blend I love them all without exception They...

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Jelly Babies are they just a UK thing ???

  Jelly Babies  From the shop I consume you all, I can't stop You look at me with Accusing eyes No, if's or but's, where's Or whys Like a confectionery carnivore I chomp you...

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May the Force be with You

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