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A sinking ship.. Methinks...

I think it is a thing of the future.. If they want me to test it out I would gladly... I do however love tbe crock pot/slow cooker and surprisingly use it more here.. It doesn't heat the kitchen... It is an interesting concept though to high tec...

My pleasure it was as I said an interesting post 🙂

Haha..No worries I get the odd comment that seems to appear out of the blue...I hope you and your family are well...Happy New Year, Scott 🙂

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It Is About The Journey View Comment
  • @Carol Taylor
  • January 4, 2020

I lived in the same place as a child my parents. didn't move until they retired... Only moved 3 times when I moved out from my parent's homes but now retired have moved 5 times in less than ten years and thinking about another move..It seems we have become...

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