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(How to)upload videos & photos on Facebook Page at the same time? Hi to all Facebook Pager, (page owner) Recently among my blogger friends, we face an issue that we unable to upload Videos + Photos on...

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(Exotic Fruit)Borneo Wild Jungle Mango Have you ever seen Wild Jungle Mango? According to wikipedia, this Jungle Mango ONLY found in Borneo It is botanically known as Mangifera Pajang Kosterumans. It has...

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【YdemoToy】Challenge Penguin Trap for the first time I heard this cute game Penguin Trap was one of the best family game in Japan, So today I am going to challenge it with...

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(Travel)15,000 ft SkyDive nZone QueensTown New Zealand Skydiving was one of my "Must do" Bucket List During Spring 2014, I spend my holiday with my husband at NewZealand.and yes, I did my...

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Haier Condizionatori Stay Fresh Hi all, Today I found a Pet-Friendly advertisement on Youtube, and I thought to share it here for all dog lovers. So, in case you are...

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