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#CrazyColorChallenge: Green is for Microgreens View Comment
  • @Ann
  • December 23, 2019

Please don't tell that to the Fauvists, Alex, they are atrocious enough already.

Fire sign here, Andre, but I do require an ocean fix from time to time. Rivers are nice too.

Hi Alex, my backlog is longer and further back! But I popped in to wish people Happy Holidays. Didn't pack my mouse on this trip so it is hard to be responsive, rflol, now you have heard everything.

Hi Muobo, I was away for some months, you salivating over corned beef makes us kindred spirits! Happy Holidays!

Sorry Diane for being so late to reply...haven't been here...YES, I put pineapple with the spinach! Yums!

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