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How to calculate interest on a Senior Citizen FD using the FD calculator?

Senior citizens can park their funds in special deposits created for them as it is a safe avenue and offers steady returns after retirement....

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Fixed Maturity Plans vs. FDs – Understand the difference

Lack of efficient personal finance management and uncontrolled spending may lead to a financial downfall. And hence it becomes critical for each one to...

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Should You Buy New Medical Equipment for Your Clinic?

From gauging what medical equipment to buy and the utility of the equipment, to deciding on the appropriate mode of financing, there are several...

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Am I Investing Right for My Child’s Education

As a parent, you want the best of everything for your child. However, to ensure this now and in the future, investing in your...

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Can I Plan My Retirement with Fixed Deposits

“The fallacy about the old men and their wisdom is that they do not grow wise. They grow careful.” – Ernest Hemingway Old age is a...

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