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You are missing the point here. I´m talking about his name, his name is José Mourinho and not Zoze Murinjo as you wrote, and the club is Chelsea and not Celsi. Just that.

In the 9th question the coach´s name is José Mourinho, and the club is Chelsea. It´s just that I´m portuguese and I tought I could let you now! 🙂 anyway, great quizz!!

No, didn´t ear about that and that´s surprising, but did ear about this one: Copy and paste to you, it´s interesting

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Interesting Facts about the Human Body View Comment
  • @Alexandre Neves
  • October 5, 2018

I enjoyed reading this very much but I believe, if I´m not mistaken, that there are two things that are not correct or at least they´re contradicting themselves: 4. The average height (i believe you meant weight) of an adult’s brain is between 8-10 pounds. (3.63-4.54 kilograms) and then you write 20....

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Hunting trophy View Comment
  • @Alexandre Neves
  • October 5, 2018

Stupid stupid stupid little man!!!

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