The World’s Smallest Country with a Population of only 33 People

Nevada: The world’s smallest country comprises only 33 people and is situated 6.3 acres. All know that India and China are counted in most of the world’s most populous countries.According to an estimate, China’s population is 1.4 and India’s 1.3 billion, But do you also know what the world’s smallest country is, and its population is populated.

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The Republic of Mongolia is counted in the world’s smallest country, with only 33 people.The US state of acres is set up in Nevada, the Republic of Malusia is a self-developed country. Which has no position in front of the United Nations and any other country nor is it a separate state.

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I thought of making Republican of Molusia, Kevin Kyle and his friends who lived in that small place.After which in 1977 he announced his independent state of the Republic of Mongolia and named Kanye Bugley as President of the country, Keven Bugley has 2 children.  When his wife gets the first Lady’s status and Keven Bugley has been a self-appointed president for the past 40 years.

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The Republic of Mongolia has its own law, culture and currency in the country, when the number of tourists arrives in the country each year.  And to enter the country, they have to seal/stamp tourists on their passport.

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