Why should you prefer to travelfrom Tibet to Nepal?


Tibet is popularly referred to as the roof of the world due to high altitude on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is an abode to many gorgeous landscapes and flora and fauna with its fertile green valleys and high mountains. Moreover, due to unique cultures and full of monasteries, Tibet is a landwhere the mysteries of the world are part of the daily discussion.

Similarly, Nepal is renowned for its stunning tropical landscapes as well as for its alpine scenery. Furthermore, the views in Kathmandu as well as the high mountains on its boundary with Tibet, Nepal can offer you some thrilling and enjoyable mountain adventures. It also features a base camp at the foot of the Mount Evereston the Nepali side of the peak. Lower down the landscape,you can enjoy tropical and sub-tropical weather, with verdant green valleys, full of clear lakes and thick forests.

When you book your travel from Tibet to Nepal with the approved travel agency, they will not only respond your entire travel demands but they will also offer their services that will go beyond your expectations. The uniqueness of their services will usually be that they will be offered to you on a humanitarian basis, rather than on a money basis. Besides, their irrefutable experience and capability, these agencies will make your travel as safe, interesting, and affordable as possible.

When you decide to travel from Tibet to Nepalyou will soon start enjoying the Tibetan Alpine Scenery as well as the distinction of the Nepali scenery and geography. Like in the Tibet , the scenery at the high altitudes is often one of the lands and lofty mountains, which are dotted with expansive tundra and huge lakes. The valleys and plains in Nepal and Tibet will turn into green only during the summer months and monsoon rains. With full of new plants, they will become an abode to local and migrant birds, as well as for the diverse wild animals that live in the region.

If you would like to enjoy witnessing the beautiful scenery in Nepal similar to that of in Tibet, then you should consider bookinga ticket  to travel from Tibet to Nepal.


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