Why do People Travel a lot?

Every time you hit your Instagrampage, you will be confronted with a photo of a friend traveling. You are probably asking why people like traveling a lot.

Various modes of transport have seen an upgrade,and this has opened different parts of the world. A century ago moving from one continent to another would have taken you many mouths; this has reduced to a few hours.

You can wake up in Berlin and spend the night in Rio de Janiero in Brazil; though you need the Brazil e visa to travel there.

People travel due to the following:

In Search of Happiness

Traveling enables people to be happy. You have the freedom to do what you love without worrying about timelines and schedules. While traveling, you get to experience new cultures and interact with interesting people. Working in the office 24/7 can be stressing and what better way to relax than to travel. Traveling is often recommended to people suffering from depression because it takes their focus from themselves to others. You have a sense of gratitude when you find people living happily with less than you have. The pursuit of materialism has been the cause of a lot of misery and traveling on a budget lets you experience another side of life.

Find yourself

You go on solo trips you can discover more things about yourself. Traveling enables you to move from your comfort zone. You do this as you try out things you thought were impossible like bungee jumping, surfing, mountain climbing or scuba diving. All these activities push you beyond your limits and contribute to who you are. There is often a change in personality when you travel solo for several weeks.

Enjoy new experiences

If you thought that your neighborhood is all there is in life – then you are mistaken. Traveling helps you change your perspective concerning different aspects of your life. It is exciting seeing the pyramids up close or having a predator cruise at maximum speed while chasing prey. These new experiences expand your knowledge base and let you view the world from a different perspective.

Local Cuisines

Traveling enables you to experiment with a variety of foods. Instead of eating hotel food every time you travel try interacting with the locals and finding out what they enjoy eating. This is the best way to sample local cuisines – however, be careful that you ensure that the food is hygienically prepared. Buy bottled water when eating street foods.

Renew your energy

If you have had a tiresome year the best time to recharge for your next task is to travel and just relax. Forget what is going on back home and just focus on enjoying yourself. It is relaxing to sleep on the seashore while the waves come splashing on you. Alternatively, read a book or sleep in a hammock. A change of scenery is what you need to forget the daily pressures of work.

Know your family/friends better

When people travel they drop their guard and become more relaxed.This is the best time to learn more about your family and friends. As you push yourself beyond your comfort zone and share memories, you create stronger bonds that will remain with you for years.

Learn new hobbies

Traveling helps, you learn more about yourself. As discover who you are, you also get a chance to explore new skills and talents that were dormant. Many people come with new fresh ideas after a well-deserved journey. The best part is you get to meet new people who will teach you new ways of doing things. This can be cooking, painting or even a new song.

Overcome Fear

Fear paralyzes us and prevents us from reaching our full potential. If you are afraid of heights, this can be the ideal time to try out some bungee jumping. Once you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you unleash the potential that is locked up within you.

Living on Less

Traveling enables you to live on less. You do not have all the gadgets that make yourlife comfortable like microwaves, washing machines or coffee makers. When traveling you are forced to improvise,and this teaches you to live on less – you actually learn a lot of self-dependence during this time. When you go back home, you will realize that you can still be happy without luxuries.

Healing a Broken Heart

If you have been in a broken relationship, this is the ideal time to let go. As you explore new possibilities, you take your time from your relationship. The time spent traveling helps to heal a broken heart. There are oftena lot of distortions we have learned in life and meeting new cultures helps you to look at life from a different perspective.


Many artists have found themselves through numerous travels. When you travel,youget exposed to many things that lead to inspiration. Inspiration can come from many places; it could be someone who has grown their business from scratch and made it besides overwhelming odds. It is not unusual to find an artist or writer using travel time to discover new ideas.

Learn about your world

Many people travel so that they can learn more about their world. There is a lot to explore – from aquatic life to different cultures. Maybe you have always seen pyramids from books and media but seeing them up close gives you more information about a subject. An African Safari will teach you more about wildlife than a lifetime of books. It is advisable that you carry a notebook while traveling. This will enable you to jot down any new information that you come across.


Traveling is the best time to unwind from your daily, busy schedules. When you travel,youcan meet new people and interact with different cultures. It is also the right time to have fun and be adventurous. Try new things that you have never done before like bungee jumping, mountain climbing or scuba diving. To make the most of from traveling try focusing on the moment.

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