Why Did Mosque Shooter Travel To Israel, North Korea, Pakistan…?

March 2019

I decided to watch this video about the mosque shooting because I didn’t hear too much about it when it happened. Brenton Tarrant is a New Zealand terrorist was from Australia. After he travelled all over the world, his grandmother noticed a change in him. He started traveling in 2010/2011. He went to Turkey a couple of times. It is noted that he wants to kill Angela Merkel, Erdogan, and Sadiq Khan. It sounds that he is probably hired by some Zionist organization to go to certain countries and shoot certain people, just like the Zionist Norwegian who went to a small island for teenage camp, and shoot many young teens who were working together to send aid to Palestine. It appears that this New Zealand terror attack was another false flag attack.

Moreover, it is noted that he did a lot of traveling in 2016, which includes Zionist Israel, North Korea, France, and Pakistan. He also went to Greece twice. And, between 2016 and 2018, he went to Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, and Hungary.


What do you think?


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  1. Breton Tarrant was no Zionist, he was a “White supremist”, they are another name for the Neo Nazi movement, like the Nazi in World war 2.
    Huge difference.
    In either way, some people got a hold of him and brain washed him. I know how brain washing works.
    Like religion, they welcome you and shower you with likes. then you go to their meetings all night, no time to yourself and fasting.
    All part of brain washing techniques and its proven that it works on most people
    No sleep, no personal time to think, no food. Perfect so that you are weak and accept anything you are told.

    • they are working for someone else to do their dirty work for them, and probably funded with weapons and money to travel worldwide like this retard Brenton Tarrant. Who can afford to travel worldwide like that…and then become famous as the mosque shooter in New Zealand?

      • Yes, someone set him up to do it, but in my opinion they are just a pawn in the game. The Leaders don’t care, they just want power.

        It did not surprise, as I have been to the old city of Jerusalem in 1982 and that type of thing happens in Israel once every 2 to 3 weeks. I went in with questions and left with more questions than I went in with.
        Yet I don’t regret the trip to Israel at all.
        Countries need stability, the Arab population is unstable which is why I believe it should remain as it is.
        No winners either as Israel or Palestine, because they won’t live with each other and it appears they don’t want peace. Either way, its continual war.
        Only want their own terms.
        I liked Israel, both Jews and Arabs or whom ever else, but I don’t understand it at all.

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