Where to Enjoy the Talc Like Wonderful Snows in the World?

How about treating your eyes with the stunning powder paradises on the planet?

If that calm and white wintry ambience lets you get mesmerized, there are some perfect destination for you to explore. Whether it is the majestic snow corridors or striking architectural marvel made up of snow, everything is going to let you become awestruck.

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Here’s a list of such quintessential snowy destinations around the world which enticed globetrotters like you for years.

Have a look!

Valdez in Alaska 

It has been considered as the snowiest place in America. While being adjoined by the glaciated mountain ranges of Chugach, you can see almost 325 inches of tranquil snow covering the lands annually. Moreover, this small town is even inhabited by approximately 4,000 residents. And they always give a warm welcome to all the travellers visiting there. Additionally, if you count deep-sea fishing and heli-skiing as your hobbies, Valdez is the best holiday destination for you.

Oslo in Norway 

Unquestionably, Oslo is one of the classiest destinations to visit during winters. What makes the place unique is a dreamy ray of natural light which beautifully illuminates the snow cover. You can make a visit to Korketrekkeren to explore what Toboggan run is. Also, it is simply awesome to go for skiing at the Oslo winter park! So, all in all, you will have an outstanding and thrilling experience at Oslo.

Sapporo in Japan 

You can say that it is an ultimate destination for those who love being in the snow. The Sapporo snow festival is certainly an exceptional event to check out. It attracts around two million tourists each year. Being a visitor, you can feast your eyes with exceptional snow sculptures and a wide array of traditional arts. This festival is certainly a must-see! Also, there is a good chance for you to come across a huge Pikachu which is being built with your favourite snowflakes. Isn’t it simply superb?


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