What is the difference between lucid dreaming and astral traveling?

Thursday, 3.26.20

While watching and listening to some meditation videos, I was suddenly reminded of a lucid dream I had, as well as an interesting animated film, Waking Life, about lucid dreaming. I noticed that I had experienced lucid dream once, in which I was sent their to chat with my late father. But I also remember it felt very weird, surreal and different, and I didn’t know what was going on and I was very confused about my surroundings. Slowly, I started to realize I was in a dream, before I woke up eventually woke up in my bed.

So, I decided to research this topic because I wanted to learn about it more. I don’t know the difference between lucid dream and astral traveling, and I am trying to figure out which one I actually experienced. 

#1 528Hz – Be Positive | Destroy All Negativity | Calm & Balanced Meditation Music

While listening to the meditative 528HZ sounds on this video, I meditated on the lovely nature scenes, which actually felt like I was flying for this earth. It suddenly reminded me of a lucid dream I once had, when I was flying over a peace area with green pastures, which looked very surreal and pure. I didn’t realize where I was at first, until I met a young man who looked familiar, dressed in all white from head to toe, although his hair was dark because he was young. He was hanging out with his friend, a 15-year-year golden retriever named Hangar. At first, I didn’t know where I was because I thought it was real life. As I looked around to figure out where I was and trying to look for someone familiar. I soon started to realize I must be dreaming. At that point, I finally realized I was dreaming, and I was flying over the afterlife. I chatted with my young father. He just seemed worried about me because I am still alone, asking me how I am and if I am OK now. Then, all of the sudden, I woke up in my bed, with a jolt, which felt like I had an out of body experience. But the afterlife place gave me a good feeling. It was just very pure, with endless green short grass, cloudless blue skies, mild temperature with a very soft and light breeze, and the items in the background seemed vintage because I noticed a 50s car, other young-looking slim people where all white, kind of like Great Gatsby characters. (maybe they are his friends and family. I didn’t recognize anyone. I don’t even know whose late dog Hangar was). So, this dream was proof that animals go to the afterlife, although I didn’t see any of our late pets there. Therefore, this video reminded me of lucid dream, like in the animated movie, Waking Life by Richard Linklater.

#2 What is lucid dreaming?

I noticed from this dream that my hands and feet to show up, kind of like I was flying around in a vignette around me, which looked like an orb around me…maybe for protection...I don't know...

And, I have also experienced sleep paralysis when I woke up from lucid dreaming. It felt weird because I thought I was really paralyzed for some reason. I started to move my feet and legs to awaken them so I can feel them again. Lucid dreaming happens during REM sleep.


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