What DOUGH You Mean? 3 Nottingham Bakeries with Quirky Names!

Traveling to Nottingham is such a delight in many ways. You can probably list all but not within a day. Stunning visuals and views, unmatched weather, wowing tourist destinations, hospitable locals, admirable arts, astounding museums and hotels in Nottingham are few of the countless things that make it worth-visiting!

Well, if you’re forgetting something from the ones mentioned above, it’s food! Of course, traveling isn’t just it without delicious food! Surely, there are vast options out there, and specifically, pastries  in this city are numerous and to be blissful for!

To help you know some places where you can get amazing Nottingham breads and pastries, below is a list… BUT it’s not just any list. It contains 3 bakeries in the city with names that will make you curious. Check them out below, and know what’s with their service and delicacies!


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With a name that includes an animal, you would not be able to immediately distinguish that The Humble Cat is a bakery. At first, you might think of it relating to pets, maybe a shop for cats, but it’s definitely a store of home baked cakes located in Radcliffe on Trent.

Regular customers were once first-timers who have fallen in love with The Humble Cat’s peerless cakes and charming decorations! Considered as a gem by many locals and tourists, this is a place where people peacefully relax and chill while they munch on delectable snacks and sip on tasty drinks!

Because of the friendly, accommodating and warm welcome and service by the staff and owners, customers come and come back to The Humble Cat. It’s cozy with a really calming and lovely ambience.

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Just like the word “humble” in its name, the bakery’s menu is not the grandest, but there’s always something that makes it very special and irresistible. When you come here, you will always find something that you would like! Although the menu isn’t the biggest, the food portions do not disappoint!

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When you’re staying in a nearby accommodation in Nottingham, it would be great if you spend your early morning or light lunches in The Humble Cat! Their treats include paninis, jacket spuds, sandwiches, fresh salads and cakes like Coffee & Walnut Cake.

When it comes to visuals, The Humble Cat always mesmerizes guests for its embellishing rooms, interiors, teapots and crockery! The decors and kitchen wares make the place even more Instagram-worthy with its home-like vintage vibe! Its name might be humble, but it will surprise you with its bursts of creativity and delicacy!


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You might have heard of this store, or you might have not. You might have because it has numerous branches. In Nottingham alone, it currently has more than 20 operating stores. What is it? It’s the Birds Bakery.

Why Birds? What comes to mind first is the birds that fly, for real. Birds here, however, pertain to the owners of this long-running bakery. Frank, Thomas and Reginald Bird are brothers who established this business in 1919. Since then, it has become a household name and a famous brand not just in the city, but around the world.

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Birds Bakery is indeed Nottingham-born as its first ever shop was built and opened in Nottingham City Centre.

It wouldn’t have been lasting and shining this long if it does not have outstanding creations. Of course, Birds Bakery values utmost freshness! Products are freshly made daily. Many ingredients are used, and many instruments too, but they always ensure safety when it comes to every process of their production.

Customers love this place for its quietness where you can spend a rejuvenating time with yourself or a nice time with your loved ones. They have custom made breakfast which everybody loves!

Their menu includes newly baked loaves, hot pork rolls, cobs, doughnuts, bacon rolls, cheese scones, sausage rolls, custard tarts, delish sandwiches and flavorful cakes! Are you already drooling?

Busy but helpful staff are always in. They keep the bakery neat and presentable.


<a data-snax-placeholder="Source" class="snax-figure-source" href="http://Source%20-%20TripAdvisor%20-%20The%20Ugly%20Bread%20Bakery" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">http://Source%20-%20TripAdvisor%20-%20The%20Ugly%20Bread%20Bakery</a>

Started in 2014, a bakery located in Market Street has always been called Ugly, but the owner has never been offended. Why? Because the owners themselves called it that way. It’s Ugly Bread Bakery!

Without a doubt, the name of this shop will make you go, “Wait, what?” Who calls his/her business ugly? Well, the owner of this one does. Its name actually has an effect to the customers. How?

The truth is that Ugly Bread Bakery is loved by so many people because of its high quality products and the store’s pleasant atmosphere. The staff and the owner are all kind and quickly responsive; they assist the guests for every need and inquiry. “Community-oriented” is the term used by one customer who experienced the service at Ugly Bread Bakery.

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When it comes to the store’s look, this shop will never go last. Its homestyle interiors with mismatched decorations make it out of the ordinary! That’s another reason why people are attracted to enter!

Fresh and handmade ingredients form their delicious breads and meals! Pizzas are matchless! They have sourdough pizzas with Italian crusts which are very much sought after. Delight in their mouth-watering sandwiches, salads, mezzalunas, brownies and more! Of course, their drinks, both hot and cold, are just excellent.

You can drop by quickly, but if you can’t get enough of Ugly Bread Bakery, you can actually celebrate your events here by booking a room upstairs. They offer filling buffets! Moreover, their special feature is the pizza making party, best for having fun and interacting!

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For the location, it is agreeable since it’s near to students and accommodation in Nottingham. Access isn’t hard. Prices are affordable, and there are meal deals for students, occasions and other privileges. Food portions are worth your every coin.

So that’s it. That’s how lovely Ugly Bread Bakery actually is!

>>> What DOUGH You Mean?

There you have them! 3 bakeries in Nottingham with names that will make you really curious! They are not the usual names that call in customers for their “magnetizing” titles, but their unique names actually make people crave to know who they are and what they offer!

Although this list does not contain much about the names’ direct meanings, pretty sure you have learned a lot about them now! Popping in a visit to them for a chance to ask the owners the real and more profound explanations for their store names would be the best.

These are just some of Nottingham’s awesomeness in the form of bakeries.


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