Weekend on a mountain

This was one wonderful weekend for me and my family. On Friday we went on a nearby mountain and we stayed there until yesterday, Sunday. We had such a great time. Me, my hubby and our two children had such a great time. When we arrived on Friday there was already some snow. And for the next two days was snowing all the time. I love snow and everything about the winter.

We spent a lot of time outside sledging, making snowman, rolling in the snow – it was so much fun! The kids enjoyed as well, I could see it on their faces. My parents have this little cottage where we spent wonderful time having tea and eating all sorts of food. Oh man, one can eat really a lot on mountain. It is because of that fresh air.

But, sadly everything has its end. Yesterday, we eventually had to go home and we returned to reality. You could see the sad faces. But, we will definitely repeat this soon again. So, how was your weekend? Did you visit some nice place?

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Written by lejla1311