Wander project the world from above

The other side of traveling. First of all the air on the airplane is stale and either too hot or too cold. I can remember the flight to southeast Asia where the window of the plane was cold, and the air on the plane was the same as the surface of the sun (far too hot)! When you travel 12,000 miles or 300 miles by air, you do not see much other than the images of clouds shared today. There are pilots who will at times have you look to see what lies beyond and beneath the plane

There on the right of the plane, is the grand canyon. But what if you are on the left side of the plane? All you see is the great expanse of clouds, and for a moment you wish you were on the right side of the airplane.  Did you ever wonder why some travelers rush to a seat, open a book and disengage from the world? They have 500,000 miles, 1 million miles under their belts. They have seen the clouds that look like dragons. They have been on the right side of the plane looking down at the Pacific Ocean lapping the shore of China. They have been there and done that. It is old hat for them.

That is why I love to travel with my family. They don’t have all those wearing miles on them. They still see the world as fresh and new. Last summer we flew across the ocean to Europe and I saw and shared places that I love in Europe. Plus we went to a place I had never been to before (Norway). It makes me realize that the beauty I seek is always around me. The beauty is what I can see as long as I don’t take out my book and drift off to another world that isn’t an airplane.

Fly like you are still a child. Fly like everything around you is new.


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Written by DocAndersen

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