Wander project Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin 2011

We took a family trip to the Dells for a family Reunion.  I mentioned that over the last few weeks a few times, sharing my father’s pictures of the Wisconsin River. Now, my pictures of the Dells and there are only a couple of pictures of the River. Mostly, it is the pictures of the amusement park and the kids. I am not as good at framing pictures as my father was. My wife was finishing up her Master’s Degree at the time of this reunion. That was a fair role reversal. Many years before my wife had taken the kids with her for a family reunion in Green Bay Wisconsin. I was actually on a business trip so I could not go to that reunions. For this one my wife was nearing her finals, so needed to study.

Our daughter rode up with mom and dad and stayed with them in the house they got. The twins and I had a hotel room in an RV park. The twins didn’t care; the hotel room was right across the street from the amusement park. The twin that loves roller coaster had read online about the wooden roller coaster known as Hades. I learned, after the 3rd ride of that coaster, that wooden roller coasters rate. When you have a bad back, rattling isn’t the optimal ride experience. My back hurt the rest of the trip.  Now after the Hades experience, you go up a rattling hill in a roller coaster car, then plunge down a hill at 45 mph or more, into a dark cavern at the bottom of the hill.

The park, which used to have walls like the original Fort Dells, used to be a lot smaller when I was a kid. Now the park is huge with indoor and outdoor pools, two roller coasters, a food court, and many other rides. The twins and I had fun with the go-karts. We tried all three go-kart tracks. Although the track with the huge winding “artificial” hill was the one they loved. They wanted to beat dad, and they did! Well, I finished 2nd in all four races. One of the twins passing me on the way uphill (they were a lot lighter than I was) shaking their little fist at me as they passed. I almost caught them on the downhill run but not quite. I also most caught them on the hard curves (I was a more experienced driver after all) but ended up less than a second behind them. We ended up lapping most of the other people on the track!


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