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Wander project why family history?

During two years, we scanned a lot of slides and pictures. The sad reality is that pictures, slides, and film decay over time. There are metals and chemicals in the film that don’t last forever. The average life of well-stored Slides is between 30 and 50 years. The average life of a picture before fading is around 20 years. The film used and remaining as negatives last around as long as slides. Film from a video camera lasts roughly as long as well. Now the sad reality of this is, not all film is of the same quality. If the film were cheap in the first place, it would not last as long. If the pictures are stored in hot, humid storage, they will decay faster. IF they are stored in direct sunlight, they will also fade.

One o the pictures today I shared specifically so we could talk a little about the death of film and slides. We started our Family History project in around 2014 mid-to-late summer.  The reason was that my father left me my grandfather’s slides, and additionally, all of his slides. I knew there were a lot of them, but I found there were more than 30,000 and somewhere in tough shape, roughly 1 out of every 100 was partially lost — 300 or so slides for the entire project. The conversion to digital is critical. It was the project for the summer and fall. At the end of summer, the twins entered their last year of high school. My mother came to visit us with two additional suitcases full of printed pictures.

Another 40,000 pictures to be scanned. In the same period, I reached out to Legacy Box and converted my other Grandfathers videos to digital. People often ask me why we did that. We did that for the legacy. The stories share in the family history project, and the pictures are a legacy my father and both my grandfathers were passionate about. Digitizing those and passing them sideways (to my sisters) as well as having them for all the members of the family is a gift my father and grandfathers would have loved! Adding to that, the ramblings that I share with the pictures that are captured and stored as PDF files, and we have a mix of three generations of memories. That is why we do a family history project.

what is wrong with this picture?

the sad reality of what happens when pictures decay.


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  1. My comment on your, “What’s wrong in this picture?” would not submit. Error. My answer: the words on the streamer is backwards.

    My husband-photographer still uses film, he has a lot of them stored in the fridge. Recently, he just had a whole film developed.

  2. It was really a problem with these pictures and movies …. I had a lot of pictures stored in the basement …. once it was heavy rainfall my water destroyed all my history …. I don’t know for sure it was 2000 pictures .. .more more …. now this is different … you turn them on and they last forever as I think

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